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Iconic Concepts ideates, manufactures, and markets unique licensed merchandise through online and retail outlets. We work closely with some of the most popular and famous licensors in the world to create specialty products that stand out because they’re both high quality and tailored to each product category. Originally launched with music licenses, we have expanded to include licensing for sports teams, lifestyle brands, and everything in between.


The heart of our business lies in our dedication to quality, creativity, and customization. Our stringent approval process upholds the integrity of our licensors while safeguarding the quality of our products, and ensuring our website continues to feature the most unique specialty merchandise available. With customization in mind, we are experts at identifying key channels and retail partners for each product line and license.


Our current product range includes home décor, glassware, gifts, jewelry, and apparel.


Our Location

The Iconic Concepts headquarters is located in Geneva, Illinois on the historic Riverbank Laboratories site. Built circa 1922, the Engineering Building is a unique five-story structure with a rich history. Constructed in 15×15 foot sections, the story goes that Colonel George Fabyan designed the building by stacking cigar boxes against the wall of his office. Since it was built, the building has undergone updates but never lost the essence of Colonel Fabyan’s originality of mixing classic elements with a unique twist.


Iconic Concepts Office Geneva


Executive Team



Tom Spain, President and Chief Executive Officer of Iconic Concepts, is an executive veteran with over 30 years of experience across a number of industries including Consumer Electronics, Hardware, Housewares, Home Décor and Giftware. His background includes executive level positions in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Product Development, Licensing and Sourcing with iconic brands such as Studer ReVox, Marantz, Newcor and Lava Lite. He is listed as the Inventor on a number of patents in Lighting, Hardware and Housewares and is one of the founders of Iconic Concepts.






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